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. a truck crashes into a bedroom with a sleeping toddler. we will tell you what that driver tried to do next. and well a week ago, it was rain, rain, rain and now it is in the cold, cold, cold category. time now for the morning news.
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complete bay area coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning thank you for joining us this wednesday morning, it is 12 / 12 / 12, i am pam cook. >> i have a heavy coat. >> well, you might want to carry one. the coat is a wiser choice. and it is no doubt as this system comes by, it's very light and there will be scattered showers around and they are coming up off the north coast with warmest temperatures coming up. you can see it's not a bad commute in contra costa, also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on 237, 5:00 let's go back to dave and pam. we are tracking a san francisco police investigation which is happening right now.
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a woman gave birth on the street just hours ago and then she was begging for help. claudine wong is there and just spoke to a man who called police for help. what is going on claudine? >> reporter: let me show you where we are. this building behind me is a church that runs a shelter which is open 24 hours but they don't take walk ins so when a woman showed up bleeding and asking for help, the man was not sure what to do. he didn't want to go on camera but he did take us through what happened. >> she was crying, just looked like she was just beaten up, covered in blood. she said she just had a bibi, -- baby, i didn't see a baby in her hand. she just started walking off and that's when i called police. >> the woman did walk off and
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he saw her again and he saw a woman with something in her arms also trying to get help. >> he was trying to get help with oncoming cars and that's when police had arrived. >> now we do not know the condition of the baby or the mother and we do know police were at the hospital and we will head over to the hospital to try to talk to somebody to try to get the latest information on what police were able to put together. we have bring you an update coming up on ktvu channel 2 morning news. we also have developing news from san jose. right now police are investigating a crash involving a baby, a building and a pickup truck. ktvu channel 2 news' janine de la vega has more on this story, janeane? >> reporter: police tell me he was driving drunk and you can see the damage in the front of the that truck. we are told the driver crashed
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into the apartment complex that you see across the street. the driver was driving eastbound on taylor when he crashed into the apartment complex. half of the truck crashed into the bedroom where a two-year- old girl was sleeping in a crib. he tried to back out and tried to escape and in the meantime the people were frantically searching for their little girl. we are told the girl was taken to the hospital and is expected to be okay. witnesses say the driver tried to drive away but his truck broke down and that's when authorities got to the scene and arrested him. he is eye didn't paid to as joseph austin and he was arrested for driving under the influence. residents here are shaken up, two adults and two children live in that apartment complex but there is a gaping wall
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there so there is bound to be a lot of clean up there this morning. janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. and we are watching portland oregonian we are -- portland oregon and we are waiting for police to tell us the name of this shooter. people were waiting with their hands up trying to look for the shooter. witnesses say the shooter was wearing camouflage, a bullet- proof vest, was wearing a hockey mask and was wearing an assault rifle. some of the shoppers said they heard the gunman say, i am the shooter and in between his shots, police say another victim was wounded and then the shooter took his own life. >> this was in and open area of the masters we have a third person -- mall ; we have a third person who is receiving
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medical treatment right now, we have a shooter who died of an a parent self -- an apparent self inflicted gunshot wound. >> we are waiting for authorities to tell us the name of the gunman. norad was successful and sent an object into or bill. we will have more on this controversial rocket launch. -- orbit. we will have more on this controversial rocket launch. he was ordered to stand trial on a murder charge. smith gunned down cap pooh after robbing -- gunned down an officer after robbing a bank.
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the car raised a way towards jacqueline and square and has not been found yet, but this is what was left behind. that water was going for 45 minutes until firefighters came and shut the water off. more than 300 people are waking up in the dark in moss beach. officials say a transformer fire happened on second avenue and knocked out the power last night. more than 4800 people lost their electricity at the height of the outage. pg&e is trying to have everything back within the hour. a solar company planned ongoing public today but has put it off for now. they planned on selling stock on the nasdaq today but the company is not saying why they decided to wait but some investors are leery of all solar companies because some solar panel companies have had money issues.
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they have headed back out to sea and we want to take you live to the docks in san francisco where you can see no boats there. they have already taken off from fisherman's wharf and it is very quiet and crab boat owners started staying back at the dock after crab wholesalers said they would no longer pay $3 per pound. demand dropped after the holiday and more people are placing orders for fresh crab in time for christmas. >> it looks good. i know you took your time driving in today. sal, we want all of your friends to take it easy on the road. >> i would like everyone to take it easy, it is wet out there and one of the things we noticed when we noticed there are wet roads and bad weather and that's when we have more crashes so please take it easy
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out there. it is not raining in this picture but the roads are still wet and traffic is moving well to the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic so far looks good into the city. as we take a look at our maps, the road sensors are not going well on major freeways. it is a little chilly and temperatures are already starting to drop where it is a cold front. there is not much rain with it. it is closer to the coast but this is a first of a series of systems whip have made its way too -- which have made their way to the end of the month and you can see coming up from northwest california, this is shower activity and last week we had rain, rain, rain. mill valley to san francisco to
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concord, just favoring hit and miss areas, antioch, brentwood, not a lot but also from santa clara up to the santa cruz mountains. 39 in santa rosa and low 50s and temperatures continue to drop throughout the morning hours. what we have is cold air and that will play into the weather more than any shower activity. we have a northwest wind coming in as well and it will cut right through you if you are not ready for it. also we have on the coast the greatest possibility of where the showers will be. stronger system comes in and we will take that into sunday morning. well, we are learning more about the hundreds of squid which washed up and scientists
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are saying food supply could be the blame. the man who pushed the man into the subway tracks' lawyer said his client's actions could be justified. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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. welcome back, time now is 5:12, an attorney with a man
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charged with pushing another man on to the tracks in front of a train said his client's actions might be justified. they have found witnesses saying the man who died smelled of alcohol and was staggering and following davis. it appears davis pushed the man to get away from him and unfortunately pushed too hard and the man fell off the platform. currently, davis is charged with first-degree murder. a woman who took her life after being tricked in that call apparently left a suicide note. 46-year-old woman who was the nurse wrote a message to her family before she died. we don't know what it said. she transferred the prank call and was later found dead later in the hospital nurses quarters. and holding a meeting after
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north korea launched a rocket, they want the un to impose sanctions. allison? overnight, we got the statement condemning the missile launch calling a highly pro -- calling it a highly provocative act. u.s. confirms there is something in orbit and many believe it is a cover for north korea's test for long range technology. they likely used missile technical no, i if i which is ban -- technology which is banned. they want them to enforce tougher sanctions on north korea and they want to know if a missile like this could ever pose a threat to the u.s., we
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will have my next update later on ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have a search which was part of an investigation into a string of home and car break- ins. there have been 23 burglaries in the green leaf division in the past month. apple and is samsung has been ruled on and there is an ongoing infringement fight. they include apple iphone 5 and "i" pad 3. you may be able to know why hundreds of humboldt squid watched up. they suspect the squid's food supply may have been contaminated by an algae bloom.
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it affects the nervous system and can cause the squid to become disoriented. this monkey was strolling through an ikea parking lot with a coat on, coming up, the owner of the monkey is talking about her battle to get her pet back. the red box is launching a pattern and later this month red box will start offering unlimited streaming information plans as well as 8 dvd rentals per month. and it costs $16 per month. speaking of screaming, you can watch all of our news with i-pad apps and video of news any time anywhere. >> tell us what is happening on highway 101, sal?
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>> yes you could. david, i was just watching your morning wake-up call there. we have all kinds of things going on and we have a television show. traffic on northbound 101 looks good. a little bit of wet weather and some of the drive will not be that great. steve said it will be a little breezy which another way of saying it will be windy. so be careful as you move along on causeways and bridges. driving south on 880 north up to downtown oakland traffic is fine and in hayward there doesn't seem to be any problems, traffic is moving well. here is steve. thank you sal, our weak system is coming through and we have a very chilly pattern and some shower activity coming down from the northwest and this will favor areas closer to the west and off shore.
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at least the snow levels are much, much lower compared to a week ago when it was high. today colder, breezy, scattered showers and this time of year you have a low dropping down and it does not take much to get build ups. cool highs in the 50s. you can see -- not a lot to this system. it looks like it wants to leg the coast and on the peninsular as well picking up a little bit, not a lot. it looks like mill bray, i saw some now san mateo, hayward, again this is scattered stuff. 39 are the temperatures and the cold air is moving in and just keep an eye on the sky, it is the cold air which is the
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bigger story. cold air out of the northwest and it is a chilly pattern here. 50s on the temperatures, coast bay and inland. chilly on thursday, these are all fast moving systems. saturday okay foes into saturday morning and that will be a stronger system. european markets are mostly hire as investors wait for the u.s. federal reserve. overnight, they finished with gains, taiwan 1% and south korea is up about a half of a percent. they are trying to resolve the fiscal cliff before the end of the year and many are optimistic after pretty good gains across the board yesterday and futures indicate a higher opening for the nasdaq, and s&p 500 as well.
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there is a shakeup this morning and facebook is part of the nasdaq which tracks the 100 biggest financial companies on the exchange. it will be the 23rd largest of that index. facebook was expected but it is not expected to affect the stock's price. and we have the very latest on the dog sentenced to death. bay area supporters are rallying to support this dog from being euthanized and plus a run-in with an "a" spca -- a spca worker. stay tuned.
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. >> charlie the dog bit a police horse in august. the owner is now vowing to fight the decision ordering that charlie be put down. in june, the dog lunged at a person attempting to take it to the a spca. they say rehabilitating him is not likely. they are fighting to get the monkey back. jasmine has been meeting with a lawyer talking about her options and she said she would
5:25 am
allow the monkey to stay at a sanctuary if he is being treated well. everyone saw the pictures of that monkey strolling around in a coat and it went viral on the internet. >> they are talking about taking him from me but it is about whether he needs me and i believe he does. >> well, keeping a monkey as a pet is illegal in toronto. robby shank car is known as the godfather as world music and has died. he was given the title by george harrison. he has three children and continued to perform until last year. he had heart surgery and did not recover. he was 92 years old. they want more input before the city gives the go ahead in
5:26 am
large scale parks. they intro use ited a proposal to hold special informational hearings to run for more than 48 hours. back in october, he criticized the mobile lacrosse event for 25 weeks. they are making the holidays brighter for some bay area children. giants held their annual party at at&t park for the homeless shelters and certain programs, santa handed out gifts with some help from sergio romo. >> i don't have the money to give my kids gifts so i come to parties and they have gifts. >> the children were also treated to face painting and pizza and we have posted more on the giant's holiday party
5:27 am
including interviews and we will find that on our hot topic section. let's go back to sal and hopefully they have cleared up any issues that have been cleared overnight. >> wet roads, you might want to give yourself extra time as you drive on 280 as 217 and we have just a few minor things which have cleared up quickly. traffic on the sunole grade is clear and an extra ten minutes might give you some extra time out there. it is going to be more of a colder breezy day but we have a little bit of rain and our system has some over us right now mainly on the north and south bay, also coming from
5:28 am
northwest. keep the an -- keep an umbrella handy. services are offering fares for as low as $1. a gunman opened fire at a crowded mall in portland oregon, we will have more on what we are lending about the victims and the shooter. plus a crash involving a baby and the person the police now have in custody, we will have more on that coming up. it's time to change the way we clean.
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. good morning, it is a wednesday, december 12th. time now 5:30 let's check in with steve. >> yes, you have called them yet. >> i think it's going to be here until the end of the month. the 10 to 15 day outlooks hold on to this pattern and we'll see stronger ones over the next three to seven days. the bigger story is going to be bundle up because highs will only be in the 50s. here is sal. the wet roads may make for a tougher commute, nothing serious but on the san mateo bridge everything looks good heading south, 101 at vista point and it looks like we have some sort of debris and we will follow that up and give you
5:32 am
another update. let's go back to dave and pam. we are following developing news out of san jose. a pickup truck slammed into a building right where a toddler was sleeping. janine de la vega is there with exclusive video from inside the home, jeanine? >> reporter: people who live here are not sleeping and you can see there are two gaping holes inside their apartment after a truck trashed into it. just after 3:30, the driver of this pickup truck was traveling eastbound on taylor when he veered into oncoming traffic and crashed into an apartment complex. here is exclusive video of one of those bedrooms. in one of those bedrooms and 8- year-old was sleeping and a 2- year-old little girl was sleeping as the truck was
5:33 am
inside one of those bedrooms. >> reporter: the baby? >> they were looking for the baby under the bed. >> reporter: so the crib was destroyed and the baby came out? >> the crib was destroyed and the baby was not in the crib. >> reporter: witnesses say the driver tried toes scape but the -- escape, but he was forced to stop when the truck stopped working. police have arrested him for driving under the influence and for hit-and-run. he is being booked into the jail right now. the eighth-year-old boy we -- eight-year-old boy, we actually spoke with him and the two-year- old is being treated at the hospital but we are told the older couple said she is going to be okay but there is a lot of clean up and the people who
5:34 am
live there will not be able to stay there for another night so they are looking into another apartment or booking a hotel. three people were shot including one person who was killed. last night 8:40 police rushed to a shooting south of the coliseum. when police got there, they found a man's body. police have not told us his name yet. they did call for a translator and they say the victim's family is asian. and a woman was found in the 1800 block and she is reportedly in good condition. and in the 100 block of 60th street, police say the victim has been uncooperative and so far there are no arrests in any of those cases.
5:35 am
they are dealing with the highest murder race in 20 years. -- highest murder rate in 20 years. when police got there they found a teen lying in the street. it appears the victim died of stab wounds but they will not know for sure until an autopsy is performed. >> there is a lot of weird angles and evidence that will be needed to piece together. >> so far no arrests have been made. yesterday there deadly shooting inside a portland oregon mall and here are the new details coming in. hundreds of christmas shoppers and workers scattered when they heard a series of
5:36 am
rapid fire shots. we have cell phone video with shoppers with their hands up as police cleared them out yesterday afternoon. the police heard shots and hit the floor himself. the shooter was wearing camouflage and was firing an salt rifle. he announced, i am a shooter between shots. the shooter also took his own life and right now they are trying to peace together what happened and the name of the shooter has not been released and we are expecting an update, live in the newsroom, ktvu channel 2 morning news. firefighters responded overnight. it started inside the a four unit building at 10:30 last night. the fire only damaged one unit and everyone inside the
5:37 am
building was able to get out without injuries but the cause of the fire is still under investigation. another scare at the chevron refinery in richmond. the flair that occurred, they say it is nothing to worry about. they now want to recall the governor after he pushed through two right to work laws. now union members actually tried to storm the state capital and police in riot gear blocked them. they needed to fast track the measures through a lame duck session. >> i don't see the need to have a public signing ceremony and this is not about us versus them. this is about us being michiganers.
5:38 am
>> those who make $4,500 less than state who tonight have a right to work... >> it prevents unions from requiring public sector employees to join unions as part of their employment. last night president barack obama and house speaker john boehner had a phone conversation and following the meeting, the white house offered a new proposal lowering its tax revenue from 1.6 trillion to 1.4 trillion. house speaker john boehner offered an undisclosed counteryesterday. well, we want to take you out there live and there it is. it will leave in just 25
5:39 am
minutes and guess what it even includes whyfie an offers trips to sacramento and reno as well as trips from san jose to oakland to los angeles and the company is briefly operating in 2 -- was recently briefly operating in 2007. >> wouldn't you want to watch ktvu channel 2 news on your iphone. i am thinking about what sal was saying about our roads this morning. it is going to be wet and i think if you are driving give yourself extra time this morning and perhaps you want to take your cup of coffee with you on the road instead of having it at home. right now southbound, traffic is moving well and it is wet out there. steve showed us a little while ago, showers are moving through and you might have to use windshield wipers as well and
5:40 am
take look at san francisco, northbound 101, that traffic looks good. if you are driving on the peninsular, 280 still looks good and san jose traffic is off to a great start. so far so good, san jose sabercats and dumbarton tonbridge. we have some scattered rain and the good news is, it is a lower snow level. and also now, some upstream, there is a lot with it and a lot of cold air with it. and stretching from our marin county out to the east bay and down along the peninsular, there is hit and miss guys, a little bit back over towards berkeley and lafayette and concord and walnut creek.
5:41 am
this is just kind of hit and miss here, and occasionally you might use the windshield wipers and back over to berkeley and emoryville and oakland as well. things are picking up a little bit and this is closer to the front. san martinez and gilroy, santa rosa, low 40s for some but a lot of mid-to-upper 50s because of that rain and our highs will be below average and it looks like the next few systems coming in being colder and breezy and if we can get that moisture to hang around, we can get the snow down to 3500 feet. we have a slim range of forecasted highs 47 degrees. it will be a cool pattern for a
5:42 am
while. cold rain late saturday into early sunday. >> thank you, steve. 5:41 is the time, a meeting about marijuana and high emotions are running high. plus new details about a shocking flame san francisco where two people were found bound and gagged right in the middle of a street. good morning westbound 237, traffic looks good as you drive through and we will tell you more about the morning commute and bay area weather. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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. here is a look at some of the top stories. we have developing news in san francisco, a woman gave birth this morning out on the street. then went begging for help. police say she went to a shelter at third street begging for help. staffers called 911 and that baby was taken to san francisco general hospital. and a pickup truck slammed into an apartment building just a few hours ago and hit right where a toddler was sleeping. this is exclusive video from inside the house. luckily nobody was seriously hurt and it damaged the building and the man was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. and man killed two people in an oregon mall and wounded a
5:46 am
by stander before killing himself. he fired shots near a food court before his automatic rifle jammed. the victims were found bound gagged and left for dead. steven reid and a woman in her late teens were discovered on brussel street. the woman remains in critical condition and the man died. they arrested two people on murder charges and three other people are charged with accessory after the fact to murder. >> we are trying to find out what happened with the motive. >> police say there is an extensive relationship between the victims and the suspects but they will not say where they were attacked nor why they were left in the middle of the
5:47 am
street. the man accused of murdering sierra lemar. freddy garcia faces three counts of murder and kidnapping. freddy garcia is garcia torres is expected to enter a plea for the charges. and it is now inclusive enough to be granted legitimacy. this paves the way for opposition. leon panetta said in the next few weeks, president barack obama will decide how many u.s. troops will stay in afghanistan after the combat mission ends in december 2014. other reports have indicated between 6,000 and 10,000 troops
5:48 am
and they will probably stay in afghanistan to focus on counterterrorism and to advice afghan security forces. they will have a little more cash as gas prices continue to drop. the most expensive is a gallon of $3.79 and drivers are paying about $3.55 per gallon and prices have fallen more than a dollar in the last two months. they are advising it is nothing to be alarmed about. the flare-up yesterday evening was conducted as a safety precaution. the flare-up comes after a few months and it sent huge plumes of smoke after they posed a problem with a variety of health complaints. all five members of the
5:49 am
concord city council agreed they should review a similar ban in another city. they will draft the ban before it returns to the city council for a final vote. >> there has been some changes that we now need to respond to as elected officials and try to find that balance of rights on both sides. >> now the issue of a band came up after there were complaints of a smell, the odor of out door marijuana grows and concerns about crime. time now 5:48, sal, what are you keeping an eye on? >> highway 4, we will start there, not a too pad,
5:50 am
interstate 880 is also good and it might slow traffic a little bit and you might want to if i yourself -- give yourself some extra time. we have some lanes which are showing some slow downs and we have 880 southbound and traffic is busy but not stop and go just yet. let's go to steve. our system is moving through producing light shower activity and this is a weaker system and this anything we saw about a weak ago. it looks like the pattern could be stronger systems into christmas week and in fact it will be cold here and breezy am it will be cooler than those coast and bay. san rafael novato and wrapping
5:51 am
back around over parts of the marin county and over back to the caldecott tunnel and we have pockets of rain in san mateo to woodside. 30s and 40s on temperatures and the lows will continue to go down as the lows filter in. it is less than a soth of an inch -- 10th of an inch. and sun clouds showers and cold and windy will be out of the northwest and that's a cool breeze. oakland san francisco, inland temperatures will be the same. it looks like cold air arrives than will be a stronger system. and ben bernanke will announce results as he supports
5:52 am
the fragile economic recovery. he said it's not enough to keep us from going over the fiscal cliff but it could help to cushion the fall. a new trip survey shows almost half the people asked plan to be away for the holidays. two thirds will be visiting families and 07 percent is planning on spending more. today you will automatically get the file and twitter will place a gray default photo in there if you top know how to. time now 5:51, accusing a reality television show of cheating. why they say don't believe what you see on the screen.
5:53 am
and they are making some couples say the best day to get married is today. q
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5:55 am
5:56 am
. a big-rig making an illegal turn caused a crash. a car crashed into that big-rig as it was making that u-turn and shortly after another car drove up on that site but he come see anything because of that fog. he spilled all the cargo and the road was closed as crews cleared the scene. two glass doors were smashed at the store yesterday. thieves stole percent and some almost 430 and they say macy's has turned over surveillance video and they believe security at this area needs to be improved. >> that man says $10,000 in
5:57 am
batches were -- watches were stolen from his store six months ago. storage wars follow buyers but one of the buyers say they planted valuable items inside the locker to add more volume for the show. they are estimated 750,000 in damages. 12 coups are expected to get married in a joint city hall and doctors are seeing more c-sections, cesarean
5:58 am
births are expected and just plan ahead if you want to get married as well on 12 / 12. as a matter of fact it is looking nice on north and southbound 101 in the south bay and also on 208 in san jose as you drive into the valley. speaking of 101 on the pens still looks nice so you want to if i have yourself a little more time. let's go back to the desk. they are calling it a holiday nightmare near portland oregon. a gunman opens fire on shoppers, we have new information from investigators. a woman gave birth on a san francisco street, we will have a live report on what the mother did after that and we will have more on the baby's
5:59 am
condition. cold air is working its way through with chilly highs coming up.
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